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INVOICE : Minimum 3 copies with CST/LST & TIN NO. compulsorily printed on the invoice.
Entry Tax is applicable in case the consignee is not a registered dealer and has bought the goods directly from a supplier located outside the state for personal use.
#: - Entry Tax at Chandigarh & Punjab will be applicable on Cotton, Yarn, Steel, Rubber, Chemicals and Scrap items
E-Sugam: The List of goods notified for mandatory uploading in the department website at the time of dispatch is as under: 1. Acrcanut 2. Cardamom 3. Cashew 4. Coffee seeds 5. Cotton 6. Edible oil including vanaspathi 7.Flooring / Wall tiles of all kinds 8. Glass 9. Granite/Marbles 10. Gutka 11. Iron and steel 12.Oil seeds including coconut and copra 13.pepper 14.Plywood, veneer 15.Rubber 16. Scrap of ferrous and non-ferrous metals 17. Timer including Eucalyptus and casurina 18.Ores of all kinds.19.All kinds of electrical goods including appliances 20.All kinds of automobile parts and accessories